Call For Papers

Our call for papers is now open.

If you’re in the industry and feel you can present an interesting and well received topic, we encourage you to submit an abstract and get involved in your industry conference.

The WA Bushfire Conference and Tradeshow “Ignite the Change” in 2024 is dedicated to addressing challenges faced by practitioners in the realm of bushfire planning and design. This event aims to provide a platform for the exchange of innovative ideas, practical strategies, and insights that will significantly contribute to mitigating risks and enhancing resilience in the face of bushfires.

At the heart of our conference and tradeshow is our commitment to raising community awareness about bushfires and empowering individuals to take action. Bushfires are a significant challenge for communities across Australia, and by coming together, we can address these challenges more effectively. Our speakers will provide essential knowledge and resources to help practitioners and communities better understand, prepare for, and respond to bushfire threats.

Join us in the pursuit of addressing the challenges posed by bushfires and exploring practical solutions to ignite change in 2024. We welcome contributions from diverse perspectives to collectively strive for a more resilient future.

Selection Criteria

Some of the topics that we would like to cover include but not limited to:

  • Best practices in bushfire risk assessment and management
  • Strategic planning for bushfire-prone areas
  • Innovative architectural designs for bushfire-resistant structures
  • Advancements for bushfire-resistant buildings
  • Navigating conflicting legislations
  • Role of insurance
  • Regulatory frameworks and compliance in bushfire planning
  • Legal challenges and liabilities in high-risk areas
  • Case studies highlighting legal precedents and their implications
  • Insights from allied professionals, i.e. architects, builders, urban planners, environmentalists, etc.
  • Interdisciplinary strategies for effective bushfire management
  • Analysis of revisions affecting bushfire safety in the NCC 2022
  • Implementation challenges and opportunities for practitioners specifically in relation to Spec 43 of NCC 2022

Selection Criteria
Papers will be accepted on the basis of originality, technical relevance and advancement of current practice and generally an interesting topic that will be well received by delegates. The decision will be made by the Program Committee and its decision will be final.

Innovation and Novelty
Submissions should clearly showcase the innovative aspects of the technologies, practices, or methodologies presented. Preference will be given to papers that introduce new ideas and approaches.

Relevance to Fire Protection
Papers must be directly related to bushfire risk assessment and management, and aligned with the conference’s theme of igniting change in 2024. 

Practical Applicability
We encourage contributions that demonstrate practical applications of the presented innovations in real-world scenarios.

Impact and Significance
Submissions should emphasize the potential impact of the innovations on the broader bushfire protection industry, such as improved safety, efficiency, or effectiveness.

Case Studies and Results
Where possible, include case studies, experimental data, or real-world examples to support the effectiveness and value of the presented innovations.

Clarity and Presentation
Papers should be well-written, organised, and effectively communicate the ideas and findings to the broader audience.


Sessions will be presented in a plenary style format.

Program Committee:

Dr. Maria Kornakova, Manager Bushfire Services, FPA Australia


Deadline for receipt of abstracts:
Friday 23 February 2024

Notification of paper acceptance:
Friday 1 March 2024

Papers will be scheduled to suit the final program and will be delivered as 30 – 45 minute presentations, including any question time from the floor.

The invitation to submit an abstract does not constitute an offer to pay travel, accommodation or other costs associated with the Conference.

Selected presenters are required to register for the conference. A complimentary full conference registration will be provided.

By submitting this proposal you grant the organisers permission to publish the abstract in hard copy and electronic format.

  1. Please ensure the title of your presentation is in capitals
  2. An abstract must be no more than 400 words
  3. Abstracts must be accompanied by presenter’s biography in no more than 150 words
  4. Please include all authors of the submission and their affiliations.

All presentations must be in 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio

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